Ergis develops customizable high-performance QD barrier films

Last year, Poland-based Ergis Group launched an OLED encapsulation film platform called Ergis noDiffusion®. The company is currently testing its film solutions at customer sites in Asia, the EU and the US, and it is now starting to offer the same platform for the protection of quantum dot films (QD films) used in display and lighting applications.

Ergis noDiffusion QD barrier image

These new films can be tuned to fit specific needs. Ergis can deploy its films on several substrate types, with varying film thickness, and the barrier properties can be tuned to be between 10-6 to 10-3. This means that custom films can be created to suit the specific sensitivity of the QDs for water vapor and to achieve specific product lifetime or other required properties.

Ergis says that these films can be highly competitive in price, with the final film type as low as 2 EUR per square meter (this depends, however, on the film properties). These films will provide superior performance to currently available films, which can increase the performance of the final QD film and enable these to be used in more challenging environments. The optical transmittance of the Ergis noDiffusion® film is over 90% in the visible range.

According to initial tests performed by Ergis, the superior performance of its film may enable new applications for QD lighting and displays in harsh environments – for example outdoor lighting used in agriculture and even aerospace applications.

In addition, by deploying ultra-thin films (the Ergis noDiffusion® film can be produced in a wide range of thicknesses, between 12-150 um) QD makers can achieve very thin films which can extend the performance of ultra-thin and flexible displays. The films are suitable for next-generation Cadmium-free QD technologies, such as perovskite QDs and others.

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Posted: Aug 12,2021 by Ron Mertens