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Samsung Displays completes the switch to a full-fledged QD-OLED centered business.

Samsung Electronics reported its financial results for Q4 2022, with revenues of $57.3 billion, and an operating profit of $3.5 billion.

Amid a tough business environment, Samsung says that its large-area display unit loss was lower as it is increasing its QD-OLED panel sales. In addition, Samsung says that it exhausted its LCD inventory, completing the switch to a full-fledged QD-OLED centered business.

Read the full story Posted: Jan 31,2023

UBI Research: Samsung updated its QD-OLED material stack

According to a report from Korea, Samsung has updated its QD-OLED material stack (now called QM2). The new stack adds a new ETL layer to the green OLED emitter.

Samsung Display QD-OLED panels at CES 2022

Samsung also started to recycle the waste materials used in the production process. Finally, UBI reports that Samsung is set to increase its production capacity from the current 30,000 monthly substrate to 45,000 monthly substrates by 2024 (this was already hinted at in November 2022).

Read the full story Posted: Jan 30,2023

Korea may designate quantum dots display technology as a national strategic technology

There are reports from Korea that say that the Korean Government is considering designating quantum dots display technology as a "national strategic technology", which means that companies will be given tax benefits, to encourage further investments and R&D.

According to the reports, next week the government will unveil a new draft tax law next week that will also include OLEDs and microLEDs displays as strategic technologies.


Read the full story Posted: Jan 13,2023

TCL plans to launch QD-OLED TVs later in 2023

Update: TCL says it issued that statement by mistake, and it has no current plans to ship a QD-OLED TV in 2023

TCL says that later in 2023 it will launch its first QD-OLED TVs, which will make it the third company (after Samsung and Sony) to offer these TVs.

TCL did not give any more details on its upcoming QD-OLED lineup.

Read the full story Posted: Jan 05,2023

Samsung announces new QD-OLED panels and products

Samsung announced that it is set to start producing several new QD-OLED panels and products in 2023. In addition to the current 34-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch panels, it will also offer a 49-inch QD-OLED for gaming monitors, and a 77-inch TV panel.

Samsung will adopt the new 49-inch ultra-wide QD-OLED panel in its upcoming Odyssey OLED G9 monitor, that will offer a 5120x1440 resolution, 240Hz and a 1800R curve. Samsung did not yet reveal the price or availability of this new monitor.

Read the full story Posted: Jan 03,2023

New "giant" QDs emit light for over 500 nanoseconds following an exciton state

Researchers led by a team from the University of Chicago developed a new method to synthesize large-area ("giant") light-emitting QDs that emit light following an exciton state for over 500 nanoseconds, which is a new record.

The new QDs are based on a structure that allows the electrons to focus on holes within a core or shell heterostructure. This is performed by tuning the charge electron to the kinetic energy of a parabolic potential energy surface.

Read the full story Posted: Dec 13,2022

MSI to launch an ultra-wide QD-OLED Monitor in early 2023

MSI says it will launch an "super ultra wide" QD-OLED monitor in early 2023 (during the CES conference). The company did not disclose much - beyond saying that it will offer a 240Hz refresh rate, and that its current name is Project 491C.

Samsung is the only QD-OLED Panel maker, and it does not offer a 240Hz panel yet (the only monitor-sized QD-OLED is a curved 34-inch 175Hz 3440x1440) - so it seems as if MSI is using a panel that hasn't entered production yet. This will be interesting to watch!

Read the full story Posted: Nov 27,2022

Samsung said to increase QD-OLED capacity to produce 27-inch monitor panels for Apple

According to a report from Korea, Samsung Display has decided to increase its QD-OLED production capacity, and start making panels for monitors, with sizes of around 27-inch (currently the smallest QD-OLED panel in production is 34-inch). Samsung aims to supply these panels to Apple.

Samsung Display QD-OLED panels at CES 2022

It is said that SDC debated whether to adopt RGB (direct-emission) OLED displays for its future monitor panels, but the lower cost of producing QD-OLED panels led Samsung to this decision. It will continue to produce RGB OLEDs for its tablet and laptop displays.

Read the full story Posted: Nov 10,2022

Researchers from the University of Japan develop a narrow-spectrum blue QD emitter

Developing blue-emitting quantum dots is highly challenging, and researchers from the University of Tokyo says that using a new bottom-up design strategy and self-organizing chemistry they have managed to create a high purity blue-emitting QD material (with a narrow emission spectrum).

The new QDs are made from special chemical composition that combines both organic and inorganic substances, such as lead perovskite, malic acid, and oleylamine. The materials self-aligned into a cube of 64 lead atoms. The lead researcher, Professor Eiichi Nakamura, says that "it took over a year of methodically trying different things to find that malic acid was a key piece of our chemical puzzle".

Read the full story Posted: Nov 08,2022