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Shoei Chemical acquires leading QD developer Nanosys

Japan-based Shoei Chemical announced today that it is acquiring US-based QD developer Nanosys. This is not a complete acquisition, but Shoei acquires "substantially all the assets associated with the Nanosys quantum dot business".  Shoei will continue to operate the Nanosys brand and its Silicon Valley-based R&D facility and labs.

Shoei Chemical has been exclusively producing Nanosys' quantum dots materials for the past four years, and the companies already have a close relationship. Nanosys has shipped QD materials to over 1,000 unique products and a total of over 70 million devices, including monitors, TVs and tablets.

Read the full story Posted: Sep 07,2023

TCL's latest QLED miniLED TV is the world's brightest at 5,000 nits

TCL announced a new flagship QLED 4K TV, the X955 - a miniLED backlit TV, that offers over 5,000 local dimming zones, and a peak brightness of 5,000 nits - probably the brightest consumer TV ever.

The X955 is powered by TCL's AIPQ 3.0 processor, and is available in either 85-inch or 95-inch in size. TCL did not yet reveal the expected price.

Read the full story Posted: Sep 01,2023

Asus and Philips launch new QD-OLED gaming monitors

Both Asus and Philips announced new gaming monitors based on Samsung's QD-OLED panel. First up is the Asus PG32UCDM, that uses a 32" 4K (3840x2160, 16:9) 240Hz VRR 1000 nits (HDR peak) QD-OLED panel. The PG32UCDM makes use of a graphene film for heat dissipation.

Philiips Evnia 49M2C8900 photo

The Philips Evnia 49M2C8900 is a high-end gaming monitor, that is based on an ultrawide 49" 240Hz VRR 5120x1440 QD-OLED panel. Other features include Adaptive-Sync, NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync support, HDMI 2.1 VRR and a 30 W  audio system. The Philips monitor will ship in September 2023, for around $2,100.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 24,2023

MIT researchers precisely assemble quantom rods arrays using folded DNA scaffolds

Researchers from MIT have devised a new method to precisely assemble arrays of quantum rods, using scaffolds made of folded DNA. Using this method, the orientation of the rods can be controlled, which is a key factor in determining the polarization of light emitted by the quantum rods array.

The method starts by attaching the quantum rods to diamond-shaped DNA origami structures, built at an exact size required by the device. The structures are then attached to a surface, where they fit together "like puzzle pieces". 

Read the full story Posted: Aug 16,2023

QNA Technology raises $4 million, prepares to go public on ASO NewConnect

Poland-based QNA Technology, a quantum dots developer and producer, raised $4 million in its latest financing round,and the company is now preparing to apply for a listing at the Polish ASO NewConnect stock exchange for early stage companies.

QNA was established in 2016, and is focused on blue light (400-490 nm) emitting, heavy metal-free quantum dots. The company optimizes its QDs for two applications: electroluminescence display devices (QD-EL) and for microLED displays devices based on UV microLEDs.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 04,2023

Sharp launches its first QD-OLED TV, the AQUOS FS1

Sharp announced its first QD-OLED TV, the AQUOS FS1 series. Available in 55-inch and 65-inch 4K models, the the FS1 is based on Samsung's QD-OLED panels.


The FS1 uses Sharp's Medalist S4X AI image processing engine, 11 speakers 85W sound system (ARSS+), Dolby Atmos and Google TV platform. The TVs will ship by September 2023.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 26,2023

China-based Red Magic announces a 49" curved QD-OLED gaming monitor

China-based Red Magic announced a new gaming monitor, based on a 49-inch QD-OLED panel (produced by Samsung Display). The Magic Realm full specification is a 49" 240Hz 5120x1440 curved (1800R) display, and it offers FREE-SNYC and G-SYNC compatibility and built-in 5W speakers.-

Magic Realmy by Red Magic

Red Magic did not yet reveal the price or release date of its QD-OLED Monitor.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 06,2023

Canon announces new quantom-dot inks tailored for next-gen display applications

Canon announced that it has developed new perovskite quantum-dot inks for use in next-generation displays, with improved durability and potential for application in high-image-quality displays.

Canon develops perovskite quantum-dot inks image

Canon's new perovskite quantum-dot inks are cadmium free, and thanks for Canon's proprietary technologies, the QDs feature protective shell that enables high lifetime and efficiency. Canon's QDs are about 20% more efficient in light converstion compared to standard QDs, and cover 94.4% of the BT.2020 color gamut - higher than regular InP quantum-dot inks (that usually cover around 88% of the same color gamut).

Read the full story Posted: Jun 01,2023