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Sony's A95K QD-OLED TV wins the Value Electronics 2022 4K TV shootout

US-based A/V retailer Value Electronics conducted its latest annual TV shootout. In the 4K category, the company tested 5 TVs, including an OLED TV, two miniLED QD LCDs and the two QD-OLED TVs on the market.

Value Electronics 2022 TV shootout photo

The winner of this year's shootout was Sony's A95K QD-OLED, which received the top marks in all categories. The runner up was Samsung's own S95B QD-OLED, which uses the same SDC panel. This is a great testimonial to Samsung's QD-OLED panel performance.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 05,2022

Leyard says it is ready to mass produce microLED displays with quantum dots color conversion technology

China-based Leyard Optoelectronics says it is starting to produce microLED large-area displays that use blue microLEDs and QD based color convestion.

Leyars uses Saphlu'x NPQD technology (it is a stakeholder in Saphlux), which makes use of a nanopore structure to deposit the quantum dots on blue microLED chips. Saphlux says that the nanoporous structure has a unique scattering effect, which enhances light conversion efficiency and the reliability of the quantum dots. The solution also provides a wide color gamut, good color consistency and high efficiency.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 31,2022

DSCC sees the QD-OLED TV market growing from 500,000 units in 2022 to 1.5 million units in 2026

DSCC says that over 500,000 QD-OLED TVs will ship in 2022, offered by both Sony and Samsung. Shipments are expected to grow and reach 1.5 million units in 2026.

QD-OLED TV shipments, 2022-2026, DSCC

The main limitation for QD-OLED TVs will by Samsung's production capacity. In 2023 the company will add 49-inch monitors and 77-inch TV panels, as SDC will start using Multi-cut Mother Glass (MMG) technology.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 19,2022

Newly-developed perovskite QDs are promising for display color conversion applications

Researchers from the Beijing Institute of Technology and MIIT have developed perovskite quantum dots microarrays with strong potential for quantum dots color conversion (QDCC) display applications.


Perovskite quantum dots microarrays with strong potential for QDCC applications, including photonics integration, micro-LEDs, and near-field displays. Image from Nano Research

Perovskite quantum dots (PQDs) hold potential as an attractive material and can resolve some of the problems found in conventional QDCC. While perovskite quantum dots are relatively new, they have already been shown to have attractive properties that make them extremely suited for electronic and optoelectronic applications.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 11,2022

MSI set to launch a 34" QD-OLED gaming monitor

MSI is set to release a new QD-OLED monitor, the MEG 324C. This will use a 34" curved 75Hz 3440x1440 QD-OLED, the only QD-OLED in production right now.

We do not have more details, as MSI did not officially launch the new monitor yet, but it demonstrated it at Computex 2022.

Read the full story Posted: May 24,2022

BOE developed an Oxide-TFT 55" 8K AMQLED display

BOE Technology Group unveiled a 55" 8K AMQLED device, which is said to be the world's first such display. The display is based on QD emitters, and uses an active-matrix Oxide-TFT backplane.

BOE says that all functional layers, except the cathode, were deposited using inkjet printing.

Read the full story Posted: May 15,2022