Korean researchers demonstrate a highly flexible ultrathin QLED device

Researchers from Seoul National University developed an ultrathin QLED device, that can be folded just like a paper. The researchers demonstrated a 3D foldable QLED, which can be produced in customized 3D structures.

To produce the device, the researchers developed a new fabrication process, that can partially etch the epoxy film deposited on the QLED surface without damaging the underlying QLED. This changes the QLED film from a planar shape to the 3D foldable shape.

Using a power-controllable carbon dioxide pulsed laser and silver-aluminum alloy-based etch-stop layers, the etching depth can be precisely controlled. The parts which are etched are thinner, and can thus be folded. Based on the selective laser-etching technique, researchers were able to precisely control the radius of curvature down to less than 50 micrometers.

Highly flexible ultrathin QLED device (NSU(

The QLED device, including the fold line, was able to maintain a stable light-emitting performance even 500 folding cycles.

Posted: Sep 29,2021 by Ron Mertens