DSCC sees the QDEF market reaching $326 million by 2025

Display market research firm DSCC says that QDEF technology (QD films for LCD displays) will continue to grow at a fast pace, rising from $236 million in 2022 to $326 million in 2025. The main market will remain TV applications. This forecast does not include any perovskite-based films.

QDEF film revenues forecast (2022-2025, DSCC)

QDEF are quantum dots enhancement films, used to enhance the color gamut of LCD displays. The main display applications for QDEF are in TVs, monitors and laptops.

DSCC sees contrasting forces in the future of the QD display industry. Higher demand for miniLED TVs will drive higher sales of QDEF films for miniLED displays (DSCC sees miniLED QDEF film shipments rising from 6.2 million units in 2022 to 14 million in 2026), and new material innovations such as perovskite materials which could increase efficiency and color gamut and help increase demand. DSCC hopes to see the first perovskite-based QD films on the market by 2022.

On the other hand, new display technologies, such as QD-OLED, QD-EL and microLEDs require different types of QD conversion layers, which may result in lower demand for QDEF films.

Posted: Jan 19,2022 by Ron Mertens