Sony places a miniLED QLED TV at the top of its 2024 TV lineup

Sony announced its 2024 TV lineup, and the top model, the Bravia 9, is a Mini-LED backlit QLED TV. The entry-level model (the Bravia 7) is also a QLED display, while the mid-range model, the Bravia 8, is based on LGD's WOLED panels.

Sony Bravia 8 OLED TV photo

The Bravia 9, Sony's flagship 2024 model, is available in 65-, 75, and 85-inch versions. At 4,000 nits, it is Sony's brightest TV ever, and it includes its XR Triluminos Pro technology and its latest XR Processor.

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TCL launches the world's largest miniLED QLED TV at 115-inch

TCL announced what it says is the world's largest miniLED backlit QD display - the QM8 (Model 115QM89). This 115" TV offers 20,000 local dimming zones, TCL's AIPQ Ultra processor,  a 6.2.2 channel speaker system, and the company's High Brightness Ultimate LED backlighting, which can produce up to 5,000 nits of peak brightness.

TCL did not yet disclose the price or availability of the 115" QM8.

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IDTechEx: QDs are the ultimate display emitters, the global QD market will reach $550 million by 2034

IDTechEx posted an article detailing the company's views on the quantum dot materials market for the display industry. The article details the progress from QD on Edge technology, to QDEF,  QDOG, QDCC and finally QLED displays (emissive QDs, or QD-EL).

IDTechEx believes that QDs are the "ultimate emissive material for displays", tracking efficiency and lifetime improvements. IDTechEx estimates that the global market for QD materials will reach $550 million by 2023 - this includes all QD applications, not just displays (but displays is one of the major markets).

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TCL's latest QLED miniLED TV is the world's brightest at 5,000 nits

TCL announced a new flagship QLED 4K TV, the X955 - a miniLED backlit TV, that offers over 5,000 local dimming zones, and a peak brightness of 5,000 nits - probably the brightest consumer TV ever.

The X955 is powered by TCL's AIPQ 3.0 processor, and is available in either 85-inch or 95-inch in size. TCL did not yet reveal the expected price.

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DSCC sees QD display production growing 15% in 2023, with further growth ahead

DSCC says that QD displays (QD-OLED and QD-LCD) will continue to grow, with area growth of nearly 15% in 2023. The largest application for QD displays by far is TV, with 15.6 million QD-enhanced TVs to ship in 2023.

Regarding QD-OLED panels, DSCC notes that the only producer today is Samsung Display, that has a converted LCD line with plans to reach a capacity of 45,000 8.5-Gen substrates per month by 2025. The company did not yet commit to further investments. QD-OLED production, by area, will reach 1.7 million square meters in 2025. QD-LCD panel area will reach 23 million square meters in the same year.

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Samsung agreed to pay $150 million to settle its QD technology trial with Nanoco

Quantum Dots developer Nanoco Technologies announced that Samsung Electronics agreed to pay $150 million USD in settlement for a patent lawsuit over a technology used in Samsung's quantum-dot LED TVs.

The two parties reached the settlement shortly before the start of the trial last month. The settlement includes a license agreement and the transfer of "certain patents" and settles all related proceedings.

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Meta announces the Quest Pro XR headset with QD-enhanced LCD displays

Meta announced its latest VR headset - which is actually a mixed-reality device (AR or MR/XR) as it allows pass-through video feed. The device is based on QD-enhanced LCD displays and also features a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Plus, and several cameras from the inside (eye and face tracking) and outside.

The Meta Quest Pro costs $1,500 - and will ship before the end of October 2022.

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