MSI announces six new QD-OLED gaming monitors

MSI announced its upcoming MAG 2024 monitor range, which includes 6 different models, with a 27-inch 2560x1440 360Hz, 32" 175Hz 3440x1440  or 49" 144Hz 5120x1440 QD-OLED panels, produced by Samsung Display.

 MSI MAG QD-OLED gaming monitor, 2024

The monitors make use of a graphene heatsink for thermal dissipation, which MSI says is very efficient and so extends the life time of the QD-OLED panels.

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Asus and Philips launch new QD-OLED gaming monitors

Both Asus and Philips announced new gaming monitors based on Samsung's QD-OLED panel. First up is the Asus PG32UCDM, that uses a 32" 4K (3840x2160, 16:9) 240Hz VRR 1000 nits (HDR peak) QD-OLED panel. The PG32UCDM makes use of a graphene film for heat dissipation.

Philiips Evnia 49M2C8900 photo

The Philips Evnia 49M2C8900 is a high-end gaming monitor, that is based on an ultrawide 49" 240Hz VRR 5120x1440 QD-OLED panel. Other features include Adaptive-Sync, NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync support, HDMI 2.1 VRR and a 30 W  audio system. The Philips monitor will ship in September 2023, for around $2,100.

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Sharp launches its first QD-OLED TV, the AQUOS FS1

Sharp announced its first QD-OLED TV, the AQUOS FS1 series. Available in 55-inch and 65-inch 4K models, the the FS1 is based on Samsung's QD-OLED panels.


The FS1 uses Sharp's Medalist S4X AI image processing engine, 11 speakers 85W sound system (ARSS+), Dolby Atmos and Google TV platform. The TVs will ship by September 2023.

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China-based Red Magic announces a 49" curved QD-OLED gaming monitor

China-based Red Magic announced a new gaming monitor, based on a 49-inch QD-OLED panel (produced by Samsung Display). The Magic Realm full specification is a 49" 240Hz 5120x1440 curved (1800R) display, and it offers FREE-SNYC and G-SYNC compatibility and built-in 5W speakers.-

Magic Realmy by Red Magic

Red Magic did not yet reveal the price or release date of its QD-OLED Monitor.

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Samsung Display shows its latest QD-OLED displays at Display Week 2023

Samsung Display demonstrated its latest QD-OLED displays, in TV format (77-inch) and also in monitor formats. SDC's QD-OLED panel display won the SID Display of the Year award, and is indeed an impressive display. The company's latest QD-OLED panels offer new OLED materials, new optimized algorithms, and a maximum brightness of over 2,000 nits.

Besides the 77-inch TV, Samsung also showed 34-inch QD-OLED monitors, and 49-inch QD-OLED monitors with a ultra-wide aspect ratio (32:9).

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Acer launches a 34" curved QD-OLED gaming monitor

Acer revealed its latest gaming monitor, the Predator X34 V. The monitor is based on a 34" 175Hz 3440 x 1440 curved QD-OLED panel, and it offers a 0.1 ms Gray-to-Gray response time, peak brightness of 1,000 nits, AMD FreeSync Premium comparability and VRR. 

Acer Predator X34 V

The Predator X34 V will ship in November 2023, for $1,299.

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Sony launches the A95L QD-OLED TV range

Sony launched new QD-OLED TVs for 2023, the A95L series. The A95L offer 55", 65" or 77" 120Hz 4K panels, Sony's XR processor, Pentonic 1000, Acoustic Surface Audio+ and Google TV platform.

Sony did not yet announce the price and availability of its A95L OLED TVs.

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