QD display makers

LG Display

LG Display logoLG Display, based in Korea, is one of the world's leading display makers. LGD produces screens for TVs, laptops and mobile devices.

LG Display main focus is on OLED display technology, but the company also produces QD-enhanced LCDs and is active with QD research.

BOE Group

 BOE Display logoBOE Group, founded in 1993 in Beijing, China, is the world's largest display producer. BOE makes both LCDs and OLEDs. BOE also produces LCD backlighting units and solar panels.

BOE produces Quantum Dots enhanced LCDs. In addition the company develops QD-OLED panels and QDEL panels (which the company refers to as AMQLED).


China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSoT)

CSoT LogoChina Star Optoelectronics Technology (commonly known as CSoT) is a China based display producer (owned by TCL). The company is producing small and large LCD panels, OLED displays and is also developing next-generation display technologies.

CSoT is developing QD-OLED displays that adopt a perovskite quantum dots as a color conversion film. CSoT calls this display technology PE-OLED.

Samsung Display

Samsung Display logoSamsung Display, the world's largest display maker was spun off from Samsung Electronics in April 2012. Samsung Display is one of the world's leading display producers, and the company produces LCDs, QD-enhanced LCDs, OLEDs and soon QD-OLED displays.