Roni Peleg is the senior editor of Quantumdots-Info an international publication focused on the quantum dots industry. Her main responsibilities are keeping readers up-to-date by writing about the latest QD news, creating Quantumdots-Info's independent articles and content and staying current with QD developments and advancements.

A lover of literature and the written word from an early age, her previous work spans technical translations, literary editing and content writing. As a bona-fide wordsmith, she thrives on creating compelling content across various areas and has written many content pieces for all industries, with a marked specialty in technical content and scientific materials.

Roni’s main strengths are her thirst for learning, dedication to improvement, and her absolute love of writing. When she’s not writing she’s probably busy baking, reading, going on Nordic Walks, or eating too much chocolate.

You can contact Roni using the form below: