Hansol Chemical

Hansol Chemical logoHansol Chemical, established in 1980 in Korea, produces a wide range of chemicals including Latex, Polyacrylamide, SD and BPO for several industries.

For the display industry, Hansol produces Quantum Dots for LCD QD films and is developing QD materials used for QD-OLED production.

Quantum Solutions

UK-based Quantum Solutions is a nanotech startup company founded at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia. The company develops and produces Quantum Dots for optoelectronic applications: LCD Displays, Light Emitting Diodes, Solar Cells and Photodetectors.

QS also offers various types of quantum dots (perovskite QDs included) and other advanced materials for scientific use to help the research community to explore potential applications of these materials.


Nanolumi logoEstablished in 2018, Singapore-based Nanolumi develops perovskite-based quantum dots for the display industry.

Nanolumi's first product, the Chameleon Film, is a color-conversion film made from perovskite quantum dots. The company sells the final film directly to display makers. In 2019 Nanolumi raised US$1 million in seed funding.

Zhijing Nanotech

Zhijing Nanotech (Finest Nano) was founded in 2016 in Chin with an aim to develop and produce low cost, high performance, environmentally benign perovskite quantum dots.

Zhijing Nanotech today produces a wide range of materials, and it also offers pQD/polymer based optical film (PQDF) for LCD displays.

Quantum Materials Corp

Quantum Materials Corp logoQuantum Materials Corp. manufactures Tetrapod Quantum Dots for use in medical, display, solar energy and lighting applications through an automated production process.

QMC states that it uses unique volume manufacturing methods that assure economies of scale, reliability and uniformity.

Helio Display Materials

Helio Display Materials logoUK-based Helio develops both photoluminescent and electroluminescent perovskite-based quantum dots for the display industry. It is a joint spin-off from both Oxford University and the University of Cambridge.


Nanoco logoEstablished in the UK in 2001, Nanoco develops and produces cadmium-free quantum dots (CFQD) for the display, solar and bio-imaging markers.

In the display market, Nanoco has non-exclusive manufacturing and marketing licensing agreements with Dow Chemical, Merck and Wah Hong Industrial Corporation. The company's main product is its CFQD Fine Color Film, specifically designed for use in color conversion applications.

Najing Tech

Najing Tech logoChina-based Hangzhou Najing Technology developed quantum dots materials and technologies for the display, lighting and solar industries.


Avantama logoSwitzerland-based Avantama AG (previously known as Nanograde) is specialized in the development and supply of printable and coatable materials for the manufacturing of optical or electronic thin films.

For the display industry, Avanatama offers luminescent perovskite quantum dots and pQD films.


Nanosys logoEstablished in 2001 and based in the US, Nanosys develops and manufactures quantum dot materials for the display industry.

Nanosys has several lines of products, including one that is heavy metal free. The company lists some of the world's leading display makers as customers and reportedly has the world's largest quantum dots production capacity.