Nanosys and CYD launch air-stable QD diffuser plate product for the display industry

Quantum Dots developer Nanosys, in collaboration with Nangtong Changed New Material (CYD) announced that it has developed air-stable quantum dot materials for the display industry, using diffuser plate technology.

Nanosys already launched a product, called xQDEF Diffuser Plate - and in fact Nanosys says that it has already received orders from multiple tier one consumer electronics brands such as TCL and Hisense for the xQDEF Diffuser Plate, which is now in mass production and products based on this material will be shipping within this quarter.

Nanosys says that the cost savings enabled by this simple, extruded component enables a new level of picture quality performance for TVs and monitors in the sub-$500 mainstream market. Nanosys says that the new product increases its total addressable market (TAM) by roughly 5X.

xQDEF brings together the color and brightness performance of QDEF™ quantum dot color conversion technology with the precise light diffusion necessary for perfect contrast levels in miniLED and full array local dimming LCD displays. Enabled by a new generation of "air stable" quantum dot materials from Nanosys that require no extra protection from oxygen or moisture and an innovative co-extrusion manufacturing technique from CYD, xQDEF greatly simplifies the assembly process of the display and allows display makers to design and build the most cost-effective displays with the widest color gamut coverage possible.

A few months ago it was reported that Nanosys is in talks to go public via a merger with a SPAC company called GigInternational1. If the deal goes through, Nanosys will gain a valuation of around $1 billion USD.

Posted: Sep 09,2021 by Ron Mertens