October 2021

Samsung: we're on track to start QD-OLED mass produciton in Q4 2021

Samsung reported its financial results for Q3 2021, and the company states that it is on track to begin QD-OLED mass production in Q4 2021. Samsung hopes that QD-OLED TVs will start shipping to consumers in 2022.

Samsung Display QD Display (QD-OLED) production equipment arrives at Asan line

Samsung says that its QD-OLED displays will offer many advantages over existing displays: including color reproduction, viewing angle, and brightness. Samsung is "quite confident" that QD-OLED would set the new standard, especially in the premium TV markets.

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Researchers use LED defects to develop a new method to create efficient InGaN quantum dots

An international team of researchers from Singapore, the US and China, led by a team at Singapore-MIT alliance SMART, discovered a new way to generate long-wavelength (red, orange and yellow) emitting quantum dots by taking advantage of intrinsic defects in semiconducting materials.

Intristic LED defects enable quantum dots production (photo)

The researchers fabricate InGaN QDs that feature a significantly higher indium concentration by making use of pre-existing defects in InGaN materials. In this process, the coalescence of so-called V-pits, which result from naturally-existing dislocations in the material, directly forms indium-rich quantum dots, small islands of material that emit longer-wavelength light. Simply put, the material forms itself in a structure that includes small 'pyramids' - the tops of which are actually light-emitting quantum dots.

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