BOE developed an Oxide-TFT 55" 8K AMQLED display

BOE Technology Group unveiled a 55" 8K AMQLED device, which is said to be the world's first such display. The display is based on QD emitters, and uses an active-matrix Oxide-TFT backplane.

BOE says that all functional layers, except the cathode, were deposited using inkjet printing.

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Nanosys and Bready join forces to offer lower-cost QD laminated films

QD developer Nanosys announced a partnership with functional polymeric film developer Nanjing Bready Advanced Materials Technology. The two companies started mass producing the world’s first line of completely air-stable, barrier-free, laminated quantum dot film components.

Nanosys says that the new xQDEF laminate film offers high quality QD color and brightness - in a lower-cost package. Nanosys hopes that the new film will unlock new markets for QD displays. Tier-one consumer electronics brands including Hisense, TCL and Vizio are expected to launch display products based on the new components in H2 2022.

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Samsung's QD-OLED production yields reach 75%

Samsung Display announced that it has managed to increase its QD-OLED production yields to 75%. Previously it was estimated that its yields are around 30-50%.

According to the report, SDC's employees are not optimistic regarding its QD-OLED competitiveness with LG's WOLED and RGB OLED structures - and not just because of the low production yields. Initial reviews of the QD-OLED panels say that the contrast is now as high as other OLED displays with ambient lighting, and there are color issues due to the unique pixel arrangement. It is estimated that even with increase production yields, SDC will refrain from further QD-OLED investments until it will see market reaction.

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Researchers develop efficient SiQD LEDs from recycled rice husks

Researchers from Japan's Hiroshima University developed a new technique to create efficient silicon quantum dots from recycled rice husks. Rice husk is a good source of high-purity silica (SiO2) and silicon powder.

The researchers created SiQDs that luminescence in the orange-red range with a high luminescence efficiency of over 20%. From the QDs the researchers created LEDs based on ITO glass substrates, using spin-coating to process the SiQDs.

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Samsung to reduce the thickness and production costs of its QD-OLED panels

According to reports in Korean media, Samsung is developing a new process which will allow it to reduce the thickness of its QD-OLED panels, by removing one of the two glass substrates - the one used for the deposition of the quantum dots conversion layer.

Samsung Display QD-OLED panels at CES 2022

Samsung hopes that this will enable it to reduce production costs, and also reduce the thickness. Theoretically, a single glass substrate could also lead, in the future, to flexible or even rollable QD-OLED panels.

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Is there a color problem with Samsung's new QD-OLED panels?

The first reviews of Samsung's QD-OLED panels are in, as Dell starts shipping its QD-OLED gaming monitor. A German magazine reviewed the 34" monitor, and discovered an issue with color inaccuracies.

Samsung QD-OLED panel closeup, green lines image

As you can see in the macro photo above, when there's a change from a dark color to a bright color, the display shows green lines that should not be there.

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Samsung uses Corning's Asta Glass for its QD-OLED panels

Corning announced that Samsung Display has selected the company's Astra Glass for its QD-OLED display panels. The QD-OLED panel substrate is one sheet of glass, while another is used in the process, likely to cover the display.

Samsung Display QD-OLED panels at CES 2022

Corning says that its Astra Glass provides the "optimal blend of attributes" critical for the intricate and high-temperature QD manufacturing process.

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Samsung officially launches its S95B QD-OLED TV

Samsung officially launched its first QD-OLED TV, the S95B. This is the company's first QD-OLED TV, and it features a 55" or 65" 4K 120Hz QD-OLED panel produced by Samsung Display.

Samsung S95B photo

The S95B also offers a "Neural Quantum processor" for 4K upscaling, Pixel HDR Pro, Dolby Atmos, Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ technology for lag and blur elimination and HLG. The S95B will ship in April 2022, with a price tag of $2,200 (55" model).

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