Nanosys: we shipped QD materials for over a thousand display products

Quantum Dots developer Nanosys announced a milestone in QD technology commercialization - the 1,000th unique display product that utilizes its QD materials. Nanosys says that it has shipped over 140 tons of QD materials and it holds more than 800 unique patents.

Nanosys offers QD solutions for LCDs, OLEDs, microLEDs and QD-EL displays (which it calls nanoLEDs). The company’s tier-one customer base includes all top-10 global television brands and four of the top-five IT brands, including Samsung, LG, Sony, VIZIO, TCL, Hisense, Acer, ASUS, and Phillips.

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Notion Systems is building a new headquarters as it see strong demand for its printing systems

Inkjet printing developer Notion Systems has started to construct a new company headquarters in Schwetzingen, Germany, with a new production plant. The company recently held a groundbreaking ceremony of the new building which will have 3,600 m² of floor space.

Notion Systems new HQ ceremony and visualization

Notion Systems is growing at a rate of 20% per year, and these new premises are needed to cope with its increasing number of orders. The company estimates that 18% of its revenue in coming years will be generated from the display industry, for which the company offers machines for inkjet printing of QLED and OLED displays.

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Researchers find that low-temperature processed PTAA HTL improves the performance of flexible QDEL devices

Researchers from Kyung Hee University and the Korean Institute of Science and Technology have demonstrated that a low-temperature processed PTAA hole transport layer (HTL) can improve the performance of flexible light emitting quantum dots (QD-EL, or QLEDs) - produced on plastic substrate.

The researchers say that using a low-temperature process ensures that the flexible substrate is not deformed. Such QLED devices suffer from low performance compared to glass based devices that use optimal PTAA HTLs, but the new process and materials improve the flexible devices closer to glass based ones.

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Sony launches the A95L QD-OLED TV range

Sony launched new QD-OLED TVs for 2023, the A95L series. The A95L offer 55", 65" or 77" 120Hz 4K panels, Sony's XR processor, Pentonic 1000, Acoustic Surface Audio+ and Google TV platform.

Sony did not yet announce the price and availability of its A95L OLED TVs.

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DSCC sees QD display production growing 15% in 2023, with further growth ahead

DSCC says that QD displays (QD-OLED and QD-LCD) will continue to grow, with area growth of nearly 15% in 2023. The largest application for QD displays by far is TV, with 15.6 million QD-enhanced TVs to ship in 2023.

Regarding QD-OLED panels, DSCC notes that the only producer today is Samsung Display, that has a converted LCD line with plans to reach a capacity of 45,000 8.5-Gen substrates per month by 2025. The company did not yet commit to further investments. QD-OLED production, by area, will reach 1.7 million square meters in 2025. QD-LCD panel area will reach 23 million square meters in the same year.

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Samsung agreed to pay $150 million to settle its QD technology trial with Nanoco

Quantum Dots developer Nanoco Technologies announced that Samsung Electronics agreed to pay $150 million USD in settlement for a patent lawsuit over a technology used in Samsung's quantum-dot LED TVs.

The two parties reached the settlement shortly before the start of the trial last month. The settlement includes a license agreement and the transfer of "certain patents" and settles all related proceedings.

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Samsung Display completes the switch to a full-fledged QD-OLED centered business (for large-area panels)

Samsung Electronics reported its financial results for Q4 2022, with revenues of $57.3 billion, and an operating profit of $3.5 billion.

Amid a tough business environment, Samsung says that its large-area display unit loss was lower as it is increasing its QD-OLED panel sales. In addition, Samsung says that it exhausted its LCD inventory, completing the switch to a full-fledged QD-OLED centered business.

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UBI Research: Samsung updated its QD-OLED material stack

According to a report from Korea, Samsung has updated its QD-OLED material stack (now called QM2). The new stack adds a new ETL layer to the green OLED emitter.

Samsung Display QD-OLED panels at CES 2022

Samsung also started to recycle the waste materials used in the production process. Finally, UBI reports that Samsung is set to increase its production capacity from the current 30,000 monthly substrate to 45,000 monthly substrates by 2024 (this was already hinted at in November 2022).

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